▬ currently active comics
▬ completed comics
▬ unreleased comics with a website or planned release date

all formats of webcomic (pages, strips, toons, zines, interactive comics) are welcome, but you MUST have your own website! a webring is a piece of javascript you embed in your html, so it can't just go on your twitter feed! if you need help creating a website check out the resources listed on our links page!

only comics that meet our critera will be linked on the ring, but artists with other comics may still join the discord community or be listed as affiliates!

▬ unreleased comics without a website or planned release date
▬ abandoned comics (no updates in the past 6 months or plans to continue)

▬ comics with mild mature themes will be accepted
▬ comics with strong mature themes will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and MUST have appropriate content warnings
▬ 18+/NSFW/pornographic comics will not be accepted, as this is a public/all-ages website


you will usually be contacted within a few hours of applying, but to speed up the application process please send an email to letting me know you applied

once accepted you will be asked to provide images at the following resolutions